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About us:

  Anno Domini Cattery ANNO DOMINI

The birth of our nursery dates back to October, 10, 2001 though the official registration certificate was obtained on the 1st of June 2002, but it was in October that the long-awaited, marvellous and tender eight-month-old shinshilla cat Anzhelika moved to our place from Moscow.

  Anno DominiIt wasnt by chance that she appeared at our place. Having seen a picture of silvery shishilla cat on one of the sites in Internet very long time ago we immediately fell in love and decided to find this miracle.

Since that day we regularly spent a flock of time in search for any publications, articles on shinshilla cats and realized how difficult it was to find a kitten of this truly precious colour.

Now manufacturers of cattery it is 5 World champions WCF, 8 European Champions RUI, 2 DISTINGUISHED MERIT, 'WCF-MASTER'-2, 2 Grang International Champion FIFE, Absolute Champion MFA, Champions of Breed, owners and nominees of a title ' BEST OF BEST ' & 'WCF-RING'.

Kittens of our cultivation, owners of a breeding prefix ' Anno Domini ', live as house favourites and conduct successful exhibition career in Germany, Poland, Israel, Luxembourg, Italy, Chyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine

Our catsWhen purchasing the cat we relied not only on our own opinion and intuition, but also on the recommendations of high-skilled experts and experts on this particular breed.

Our nursery aims at breeding, as well as complete psychological and physical adaptation of kittens by the moment when theyll have to move to other families.

People close to the world of cynology, to which we also have the honour to belong, know, how important the earliest socialization and adaptation of dogs to the surrounding world are. Its vital from the first days of dogs life to let it feel the friendly environment, the warmth of humans hands, tenderness and affection. The flaws of early adaptation period are very hard to overcome. By the way, its necessary for adult dogs to pass a socialization test to be admitted to breeding. Those who fail to pass this test are excluded.

Anno Domini AstorIn our nursery great attention is given to mental development,
socialization, adaptation, and education of kittens. From the earliest age all kittens live in the family, at their disposal is the whole space of the apartment, and all the inhabitants. Kids have the opportunity, and pleasure to communicate with their parents, with people, with dogs, and with our numerous friends. Kids at two-month age willingly sleep in hands, they are tender, gentle, playful. At the age of one month they are able to use a toilet tray, in due time we do the necessary vaccination.

We sincerely hope, that our kittens will find fine owners, will be loved, and will be bringing pleasure to the new owners for a long time.



Cattery contact:
Dnepropetrovsk, 49050, Ukraine
Tel.: +38-067-56-03-999
E-mail:anno-domini@mail.ru, anno-domini@rambler.ru
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