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Тематическая баннерная сеть флора и фауна
Rare and invaluable color.

At cats exhibitions elite British chinchillas invariably attract attention, looking like a rarity, and win the sympathy of spectators. Chinchillas are charming, their faces always seem smart and lively due to natural pigmentation - 'cosmetics'. Nature has effectively emphasized with black outline their fathomless, circular, green eyes, nice red-brick color nose and lips mysteriously smiling like those of the Cheshire cat. No less smart is their polar fox fur, white with black tips.Derzhavniy Ispolin

The unique group of chinchilla colors includes related tipped(“shell”) and shaded variations.

Tipping is the distribution of pigment on hairs causing pigmentation (mostly black) of the very tips (up to 1/8 of total hair length) whereas  shading gives up to 1/3 length coloring.

The British cats of chinchilla colors have been officially recognized by felinological organizations for more than 15 years. Although this rare color invariably arises interest, admiration and delight, the number of the representatives is much lower as compared to the more widespread blue, lilac and other colors. It can be explained by complicated inheritance scheme in this wonderful color which is supported only by means of breeding among its representatives.Anzhelika 

Importantly, chinchilla female cats must be mated with male cats of the same color while chinchilla males can be paired with females of other colors to obtain interesting color variations.

To maintain and secure this unique color inbreeding is usually used, which requires representatives with desirable tipping quality as well as good 'British' type, with a circular massive head and good strong skeleton to be selected.

AstorFor the development of the breed “sib-crosses (brother-sister matings) and semi-sib-crosses (mating individuals having the same father or mother) among the descendants of exported and domestic British cats turned out to be efficient”.

“It should be emphasized that on the whole this strategy proved its effectiveness.

Now, after 5 years of the breeding program the Moscow breeders have obtained more than two dozens of shaded and tipped British chinchillas of the highest exhibition standard'.

Syrus'At present the Moscow breeders of silvery British chinchillas can be proud of really marvelous cats fully competitive with British cats of classical colors.” ( I.Shustrova, Cand.Biol.Sci., WCF and МКЭФ expert. 'Друг' №6-7, 1998 год). 

Admirably charming chinchilla cats are not only rare and prestigious. They will also please your eyes, and soul with the kind,even temper, wit, lovely tricks, and genuine intelligence. A Kind and true friend, tender interlocutor and sympathetic heart will always be by your side.


Украинская Баннерная Сеть

Украинская Баннерная Сеть
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